A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes.

Marriage Anniversary

Wedding Event (Complete Solution)

Ring Ceremony Event

Destination Weddings

Sea Beach Weddings

Flower Decoration

Electric Decoration

Unik Barmala/Jaimala Thiem Concept

Reception Party

Tent Decoration

Any Type Of Stage Decoration

Catering/Haiti Service Provided (Pure Vag and Non –Vag Item’s)On Client Demand

Buti Tion, Bridel Makup, Mahendi Wali Service Are Avilabel Provied

Bhajan Sandhya

Geet Sandhya/Geet Sammalan Event Organised

Mahendi Program

Dance Coreographer Avalabel Service Provided

Russian Dance

Rental Care Provided, On Event Perpass

H.D Quality Steel, Video Graphy

Pre Weading Shoot

Sallon/Nai Wala/Health Desk/Londry Service Provided

Bhangra Troup Provided

L.E.D Wall Video Screen Service Provided

Giftated Sahanai.

Others Exceptational Service Provided.

Projector Screen Service Provided

Package Tour, Travel, Only Wedding, Corporate and Group

Hotel’s, Resort’s Booking.

Receptation, Backup, Thim Dance Group Provider

Baja Wala Provider

Security Service

An Manymore Services

Pandit G Provided